I continue each year to conduct long-term monitoring research with the Nearshore Habitat Program of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.  Several sites in Puget Sound are monitored each summer, and additional time is spent on particular projects of interest that vary from year to year.  For example, in recent years we have spend time monitoring shoreline change at the mouth of the un-dammed Elwha River.

A Few Relevant Publications:
Dethier, M. N. “Classifying marine and estuarine natural communities: An alternative to the Cowardin system.” Natural Areas Journal 12.2 (1992): 90-98.
Dethier, M.N., & Schoch, G.C. 2005. The consequences of scale: assessing the distribution of benthic populations in a complex estuarine fjord. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 62, 253-270.
Dethier, Megan N., and Helen D. Berry. “Intertidal biotic community monitoring: 2007 Long term monitoring and focus studies.” Olympia, WA: DNR Nearshore Habitat Program (2008).

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